Beau Ments Doppio Dual Vibrator


This flexible couples toy will have you heading back to the bedroom time and again. The Doppio can be positioned in multiple ways for use during foreplay and penetration. The flexible arms give a perfect fit around the penis for stimulation to the entire vulva and clitoris, with added buzz on the scrotum.

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The Doppio is a particularly innovative sex toy, which is suitable as a partner vibrator and for the Solo sex.  The small motors can be operated independently of the large one with the knob A, just as the large one can be operated independently of the small ones with knob B. At first, experiment with the operation of both motors.

The flexible, tweez-like gripper arms of the pair vibrator can be inserted, but can also be used to stimulate nipples, clitoris, testes, perineum and other hot spots, just as the thicker end can serve for point-like stimulation. In addition, Doppio can be worn by him alone or during sexual intercourse, so that testicles and penis or even clitoris are pampered at the same time. Whether he is carrying the toy with the thick end up or down, is left to you and your position preference.

Three separate motors and seven patterns create endless combinations of pleasure for both partners. Two motors on the ‘ears’ work in tandem for clitoral or perinea stimulation, while the base motor can be switched on or off separately to add to the fun. This waterproof couples vibrator in soft-touch smooth silicone is your perfect partner for nights of endless orgasm.


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