Designed Sex Dolls

Tiered of these blow up dolls, Once you own a love doll, nothing much will ever come close to this toy…
The addition of a love doll to your sex life is like nothing you will every experience. Very tight holes, so lube is essential. Incredible like-like skin. Stunning face and breasts topped with succulent pink nipples. Every inch of this beautiful girl is detailed and life-like. Her ass is just the right handful, totally slapable, cheeky and so very tight. Squeeze her cheeks, throw her legs over your shoulders and go to town whilst savoring her nipples. Seriously, she is ready for the taking. Contact us and we will send you information on them.

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Get your doll customized to the way that you want and need her,fully customized doll from vagina to anal and mouth hole and hair color, the vagina is removable for easy cleaning she also comes with 100% TPE real skin and a metal skeleton to bend her the way that you want. Send us e-mail and we will contact you with all the details.
All Dolls are made to your specifications and can take up to 4 workings days to complete and another 5 working days for delivery, The photos that are shown are just some of the dolls that have been ordered, there are many more to choose from, are you can design your own…


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