Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide


Long-lasting silicone lube designed for men specifically to enhance the pleasure of anal
intercourse. Like Pjur Analyse Me ! but with a higher concentration of ingredients. Jojoba extracts
help relax the anal sphincter enhancing the experience. Perfect for use in combination with Pjur
Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray.

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Apply this lubricant to vaginal, anal, or penile tissue for lubrication and moisturization. Only a few
drops are needed. Anal sex can be very exciting because particularly nerve-sensitive areas are
stimulated. Whether you have already shared this pleasure before or are completely new to the
game, the products in this category are just what you need.
A dependable lubricant is of prime importance for anal intercourse, given the complete lack of
natural moisture.
Our Anal Play products contain special ingredients to relax – while tending to – the sphincter. You
can now enjoy this very distinct pleasure to the utmost by using our lubricants.
Some of these products are specially designed to cater to intensive love making needs by
enhancing relaxation and pleasure.
If you have no previous experience with anal sex, you should certainly not rush things. Take your
time. Try everything out slowly. Explore and discover your partner and yourself, how far you can
go, and what is really fun for both of you. You will then experience something very special –
something you will certainly want to repeat.
The utmost quality of all these products is particularly important for sensitive skin and mucous
membranes in the intimate areas.


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